Thursday, May 13, 2010

Men: Stolen Girlfriends Club

Founded by Dan Gosling, Marc Moore and Luke Harwood in New Zealand, Stolen Girlfriends Club was created as a meeting of 'surfers done good'. A gaggle of artists and sportsmen, the men decided to take on a fashion line, and with a growing local following, they've established themselves as fun loving brand for the likes of Juliette Lewis, Kate Bosworth and The Cobra Snake.

Dazed Digital: Why the name?
It was romantically idealistic. The fictional idea of a group/a gang that would rescue damsels in distress (girls in shitty relationships). Originally this was a theme for our art show (called stolen girlfriends club), and then it turned into a fashion label! All because people liked the show title, and we wanted to make clothes for ourselves.

DD: What designers if any inspire you or do you admire?
We have always been fans of Hedi Slimane (please start making clothes again!). We have a lot of admiration for Riccardo Tisci, Stefano Pilati, and really digging what Phillip Lim is doing at the moment too. Is that sexist to only be liking male designers? Maybe we can put in Phoebe Philo in there too, plus she's super hot too.

DD: What kind of person do you design for?
Art punks, fashion drunks and movie stars in shitbox cars.

DD: Why do you think you've become so popular with the celebs like Juliette Lewis and the like?
To be honest it was ages ago when Juliette came in to our office. Since then we have had absolutely no celebrities wearing our stuff, or no proof! There have been rumours of Kate Bosworth wearing one of fringe dresses, Beyonce Knowles buying our sequin bike pants & matching bra when she was in Australia, Daisy Lowe wearing our mesh singlet while riding a jetski with P Diddy in Monaco, Agyness Deyn wearing our mesh prowler dress to bed in New York... but like I say - all rumours. We really need photographic evidence.

DD: What was your current collection inspired by?
A nomadic biker gang of sherpa mountain climbers, with their kidnapped trophy girlfriends. Pretty simple really!


I love the name of this cool and casual, "with a touch of rugged" collection, and the story behind it. The biker look is evident, though the pieces appear functional and lend themselves to mixing a matching for a variety of looks.

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