Monday, May 10, 2010

Lena Horne: Tribute to a Legend

I'm sure that by now, many of you have heard about, legendary singer, Lena Horne's passing. I thought it only fitting to feature a picture retrospective of one of my favorite ladies. As you can see from the pictures here, she remained a vivacious beauty, even through her later years. Though she was lovely, there was so much more to this dazzling lady.

She was among MGM's star elite, during Hollywood's "golden years." Appearing in musicals for the famed studio, she refused to be cast as the stereotypical African American maid, which was most common during those early years. She was a lady with a sharp and quick wit, a ready smile, but one who didn't mince words. She appeared on many shows over the years, such as Sanford and Son, The Cosby show and those variety shows which were so popular during the seventies. Whatever she did and wherever she was, she was simply captivating! As the pictures further allude, she was a lady of impeccable style. The dresses and gowns worn in those black and white photos are absolutely luscious.....perfectly suited to her lithe frame.

Prior to her passing, there was talk of, singer, Alicia Keys playing Lena in a Biopic. I believe those plans have now been finalized and a production is in the works. I must say, Alicia does bear a resemblance to Ms. Horne, and I look forward to seeing the upcoming Biopic. Here's to a fabulous lady, may she rest in peace.

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