Monday, February 28, 2011

My Favorite Oscar Looks

Jennifer Hudson in my choice for number one. That dress is as stunning as she looks wearing it! When I think gowns, I will always choose those which boast a bit of frippery.

Jennifer Hudson

Mandy Moore

Halle Berry

Anne Hathaway

Sandra Bullock

Hillary Swank

Hailee Steinfeld

(US Magazine)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The "Fashion Stylings" of Jose Duran

Dominican designer Jose Duran travels between his hometown, New York, and Paris, culling inspiration from different time periods, movements, and cultures. His men and womenswear collections, which date back to Fall 2008, show traces of African warriors, flamenco dancers, Grecian goddesses, and desert hunters.

Draped silk and jersey are his fabrics of choice, as seen in his most recent Spring 2011 collection. Duran put forth a bevy of army ready frocks, with a rich selection of asymmetrical dresses in red, black, and khaki. Safari wrap dresses were fixed with ribbon belts; voluminous gowns were affixed with thick metallic rope.


Good stuff! I love, love, love the red dress!

"Our Tartan Past"


Each look transcends time! I'll take numbers two and six please!

Eye On The Street: Milan Fashion Week

Such stylish ladies! Somewhere it's said that too much Cheetah or leopard print looks gaudy...that's certainly not the case in picture two! She "owns" the look! Also, check out that great clutch in picture seven...I would love to get my hands on one of those!


First Look: Versace Accessories Fall 2011


Beautiful, bold color....gotta love it!

Creature Comfort

Eddie Borgo is leaving his urban comfort zone and taking a jaunt into the wild with Fall 2011, a collection that the New York–based designer will present in Paris next week. Plastered on the walls of his studio in midtown Manhattan are pictures of spindly-legged praying mantises, hotly colored beetles, and orchids in full bloom. As Borgo tells it, the idea was to give geometric rigor to organic shapes and import some of the architectural edge of the city into the natural world. As for specific points of reference, he cites biologist Ernst Haeckel and the seminal book Art Forms of Nature and it’s those detailed, anatomical illustrations that give the new jewels their dark and sinister luster. In keeping with this taste for danger, Borgo is featuring the most venomous of species in his series of pendants, like a silver scorpion suspended on a string of onyx beads that happens to sit within stinging distance of the wearer’s jugular.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Raphael

Raphael Young that is! He works a certain kind of magic that's just breathtaking!


Long Live The Bib!

Vera Wang

Kate Spade

Ranjana Kahn