Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Fall for Sandals"

Designers are offering a "new crop" of unique sandals for fall 2009.

"Brace Yourself"

Beautifully detailed bracelets from Dior's fall 2009 jewelry collection.

SWING Concept Shop

Helena Greene has opened SWING Concept Shop in Harlem. According to the New York Times Magazine, it is filled with plenty of designer goodies. SWING carries everything from children's clothes and jewelry to home furnishings and apothecary items from local designers and abroad. The store's grand opening launch will be May 14th. I love the store setup.....what a great concept.

1. "Lie Down I Think I Love You" chocolate school day satchel $125
2. Ann Demeulemeester coat $1,690
3. "Baby Version Rock" romantic blouse $45
4. "How Soon is Now" art by Dirk Benesch $500
5. L'anverre glassware vase $410
6. Nafi di Luca hat $195
7. Calamasi necklace $311
8. L'anverre metal lamps (larger $1200 & small $1000)
9. Ann Demeulemeester waist coat $380
10. Alton Weeks spring greeting cards $8
11. Bamboo cubes price upon request
12. Fendi white leather mirror (not for sale)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baubles....Pretty Baubles

Each season I anxiously await the arrival of the designer's accessories. While I love all accessories, I look forward to the new jewelry designs. Tom Binns is at the top of my list of favorite jewelry designers. His jewelry is pure artistry. I love the way that he mixes colored stones, chain and beads into an eye catching statement. This is a sampling of items from fall 2009.

Monday, April 27, 2009

"She Sells Sea Shells"

These beautiful evening bags appear as works of art. The detail and rich coloring makes for an exquisite piece. They are designed by Maricel Soriano for her "Celestina Collection" and are available at

1. Red Abalone shell with Amethyst clip clasp
2. Abalone Shell with crystal clip clasp
3. Orange Lion's Paw Shell
4. Purple Hammered shell

Sunday, April 26, 2009


This beautiful and unique jewelry is created by Walid. He creates his jewelry using ornate antique fabrics and historic keepsakes. All items are available at

"The Elephant in the Room

This exquisite elephant was said to be the star of a sale held by Christie's last Wednesday. This gem-covered beauty was carved from a single piece of ivory circa 1900. The selling price was estimated at $80,000-$120,000. I would just love to know who bought it! I just had to feature it, as it is one of the most spectacular pieces that I have seen in quite some time. Though, I'm only dreaming, I would love to have this on my desk to look at everyday.

"Interesting Jewelry"

As a Jewelry lover and designer, I am always on the lookout for new and exciting pieces. I am a huge fan of Kenneth J. Lane's Jewelry, especially his big and bold vintage jewelry. Lanvin used to be known for clothes and shoes, but over the past few years has added unique jewelry to their brand.

1. Kenneth J. Lane
2. Sportsmax
3. Iosselliani
4. Bibi
5. Astley Clarke
6. Lanvin
7. Astley Clarke
8. Kenneth J. Lane
9. Kenneth J. Lane