Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Art of The Shoot

This talented threesome (Matteo Zini, Olimpia Pitacco, Giulia Romani) creates pure magic!

The 46th Talents Shooting features Matteo Zini, photographer, alongside Olimpia Pitacco and Giulia Romani as stylists. A perfect blend of ideas that makes this editorial a different standpoint regarding luxury and femininity. An aesthetic concept that is the result of a very carefully considered work and of the trio’s individual ideas, skillfully interwoven to realize this editorial. A pleasant mix of fabrics, a selection of garments conveying a decidedly glamorous attitude. The images’ creative process is based upon research, upon the inspirations that have carried the photographer into a microcosm of colors, shapes and details.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Family Jewels"

This opulent, vintage-like threesome, certainly earns it's name. The rich, and vibrant green crystals are perfectly nestled in flawless gold-plate.
Erickson Beamon "Family Jewels" (22-karat gold-plated Swarovski Crystal)


Color Choices

I actually eyeballed these sandals (Nine West "Grace"; Marshalls $39.99) for a couple of weeks before consenting to buy them, and I really don't know why, because I loved them from the beginning. Anyhoo, they're a perfect addition to my closet, as I'll get a great deal of wear from them.

This pair I bought at one of my local haunts.....I not only love the color, but was also drawn to the style.

I ordered this Bisou Bisou maxi from J.C. Penney yesterday. I initially found it on some of the stores in my area, but couldn't find my size. I love it so well, that I didn't mind paying $45 for it store, it's on sale for $23. I can hardly wait to get it, so I can take it out for a night on the town!

The New Hunting Bag

Red, orange, blue, violet and the classic black are the shades of the new version of the Hunting bag from Prada – the famous Saffiano leather it-bag with its flap, buckled straps and classic leather and metal triangular logo.

  It will go on sale, of course, exclusively in Prada boutiques in Europe, the UAE, the USA and Hong Kong.


I love this bag....what a classic!


The thousands of combinations of fantastic jewelry by Antonio Neroni and Rosita Spugnardi.

TShirterie is a jewelry line created by the four hands of young Italian designers Antonio Neroni and Rosita Spugnardi.

After their studies in fashion design, the two decided to create their own fashion (all made in Italy) brand called TShirterie.Their intent was to create one of kind pieces mixing their haute couture studies with their unstoppable creativity.

They have contrasting personalities and their differences are reflected in their collections and give life to small rare “objects.” Each piece is totally handmade and has the perfect balance between a study of shape and materials and color and proportions.

Rosita is more romantic and elegant while Antonio is eclectic and instinctive. Together they create collars, bracelets, headbands, necklaces, and earrings using diverse elements. For example, the pairing of traditional daily objects with decidedly more decorative jewels. Banality and normalcy are forbidden in favor of free expression of the imagination without fear and without limits.

Two rough small spoons are paired with lace and clock parts are mixed with colored crystals, lots of feathers, bright colors, and delicate chains. In their all white atelier, the setting is like that of Tim Burton’s "Alice in Wonderland" when the rabbit is suddenly not what you thought it was.

They say that each collection is born from song lyrics that they translate into a written story to tell through their great planning and creativity.They may be young, but their knowledge and their desire to express themselves are extremely strong.

Antonio and Rosita tell magical stories with a unique and crisp flavor!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cannes Street Style: "The Regular People"

After being inundated with pictures of the many celebrities who attended the Cannes Film Festival, I'm pleased to feature the people who strode (or drove) through the streets.