Monday, January 31, 2011

Nicole Does Eyewear

The new Winter Kate House of Harlow 1960 eyewear collection will land on store shelves this February-March and will be priced from $110 to $195. Our favorite pair? The fancy pants ones with the gold tassels behind the ears.


I love them.....they are the epitome of vintage-inspired chic!

Street Style: Rome Fashion Week



Color, first of all.
And then common sense, design, experimentation with materials, with an eye to the past.

All this, and more, is Leghilà, a line of ironic and cool bags conceived by Padua-born designer Giovanna dell’Onte.

It all started in 2004, with the launch of a special, open cube-shaped bag which immediately became a hit. Then production stopped for a while: Giovanna developed various collaborations and became a mum twice.

In 2009 she was back on the market with the Washable Collection Leghilà: more than 20 neoprene models in 52 different color combinations, enriched with unique detailing.
Classic, iconic bags live a brand new life with the use of unusual materials.

The attitude is very London-like.
Avant-garde, yet also old-style.
Neoprene will be the key material also for Spring/Summer 2011.It is funny, of course, yet at the same time functional: it’s soft, it doesn’t scratch or lose its shape, it’s totally washable. And what is more, it works well for shopping bags, travel bags, computer-cases and long-strap shoulder bags.

«Leghilà is like a breath of fresh air that keeps in mind the past and traditions but tries to tone them down embracing a modern elegance,» explains the designer-business woman. We agree, and it is definitely cool and energetic, too.


H&M Goes Green for Spring

H&M Sustainable Style Spring 2011 Campaign

H&M kicks off their Spring 2011 collection with a collection made from green materials featuring Sessilee Lopez and Baptiste Giabiconi for the ad campaign in Sustainable Style. According to the press release, the collection is made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, Tencel® or recycled wool and the garment will have a green label including all details of the materials used. For women, the focus is on feminine dresses, while for men, it’s a colourful preppy style. Dance is a popular theme for girls, while key pieces for boys include Henley tops and checked shirts. I’ve seen the collection in stores already and it looks pretty good.


The Height of Fashion: Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall Accessories


Friday, January 28, 2011

Vintage Shopping With "Lulu Frost's" Lisa Salzer

FROM LEFT: Lisa "Lulu" Salzer; a 1930s rhinestone necklace ($275) from Archangel Antiques

"I really love the hunt,” says jewelry designer Lisa "Lulu" Salzer of her passion for vintage jewelry rummaging. From her Soho studio, Lulu reimagines her antique finds—picked up from NYC vintage stores, flea markets and estate sales—into stunning original pieces for her label, Lulu Frost. (Frost is her grandmother’s last name.) Decked in pieces from her new capsule collection, Lulu Frost for J. Crew, the chic designer took us on a vintage ride-along to Archangel Antiques in the East Village.

“Buttons are our specialty—these are a few of the two million,” says Archangel’s proprietress as she opens a drawer of vintage Chinese buttons. The boutique stocks a vast and well-organized collection of buttons, made between 1870 and 1970, as well as vintage jewelry. Prices generally range from $6 to $25, but Victorian and late 19th century pieces fetch prices in the hundreds.

Lulu immediately pulls a tray of 19th century cut steel buttons. “Can you just imagine someone setting these little faceted steel stones, one at a time—they’re works of art,” she says. Once in Salzer’s studio, these intricate (and rare) buttons will be carefully repurposed into earrings, draped with vintage pocket watch chains, or a necklace. “We’ll add a brass chain and make this the centerpiece for a tassle necklace,” she notes.

Other eye-widening finds included a Deco dress clip, hundred-year-old buckles carved from shell, 1950s bakelite bracelets and vegetable ivory buttons made from tree resin. And even Salzer gasped as a teacup-size shell purse revealed three tiny pop-up book style compartments.


Don’t let a missing stone deter you. “A lot of people who sell these kinds of things have broken pieces and extra stones and can maybe fix it for you. I actually get a better deal if the stones are missing.”

Hit the markets. “The 26th Street flea market is where it all begins. It's the perfect foray into vintage jewelry shopping.”

Look for length. “There have been a lot of statement bib necklaces for a long time. I think long, slenderizing pieces are really going to be on-trend for spring. I’m really excited to wear my long tassle necklaces.”

Layer your lockets: “I love the layered look. It’s something we’re definitely doing for spring.”

Create something unique: “Buy one great vintage pendant and a different chain, put them together and see how it feels.”


God I love this!

From Suede to Feathers: Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall Accessories


I'm loving the studded wedges!