Saturday, October 31, 2009

Aubercy's Diamond Studded Shoes for Men

Many men have felt there is a strong bias towards women when it comes to diamond studded accessories. After all, diamonds are equally a man’s best friend as they are a woman’s. Making sure men get to put their best sparkling foot forward is brand Aubercy who have designed a unique pair of shoes named Phil whose tips are encrusted with diamonds. The classy shoes for men flaunt a beautiful pattern of diamonds that promises to help every man dazzle and shine.

The diamond studded shoes cost anywhere between Euros 2000 ($3010) and Euros 3000 ($4,510) depending upon the size of the stones. A beautiful bejeweled creation for men, it will surely help them shine. (Luxury Launches)

I love this is so sleek and well done that you won't know the diamonds are there until you see the sparkle.

Oakley's $4000 Sunglasses

You don’t need expensive timepieces and designer bags to flaunt your luxurious lifestyle, even a chic pair of sunglasses can do the job. Oakley is one brand that promises to help you cast that luxurious image of yours through amazing designer sunglasses. On Monday, Oakley will announce its new line of luxurious sunglasses priced at $4000. The ultra premium Oakley Elite C Six will sell at almost seven times the price of the $600 Pit Boss, which had been Oakley's costliest line. The chic and extremely expensive sunglasses boast of 80 layers of carbon fiber that have been pressed onto to the frame.

What is more, 90 hours of machine time go into crafting each pair of these luxurious sunglasses. Besides increasing the price, the unique material and design make this frame flexible and extremely comfortable.

Oozing style and luxury, this line will be limited to just 200 pieces. The sunglasses are already promising to be a rage with the elite fashion conscious crowd. In fact, one pair was rushed to biking legend and Oakley endorser Lance Armstrong to wear on the last day of this summer's Tour de France.

The stylish line of $4000 sunglasses will be available at various Oakley retailers and designer sunglasses boutiques. (Luxury Launches)

Swarovski Crystal Corsage Made Famous by Sex and the City

Fans of Sex and the City would know that Sarah Jessica Parker glittered when she wore that famous corsage. In fact, ever since she wore the corsage, it has been one of the hottest fashion trends across ramps in Paris, Dusseldorf and elsewhere. Ukrainian designer Verlingieri Lesya has given the corsage a Swarovski makeover and is being launched through a brand new label called Lever couture. The corsage is strapless and accentuates the back of the wearer in an elegant and sensual manner.

The 41,000 Swarovski crystals which are embedded into the corsage almost look like tiny sparkling diamonds. At $10,000, it is one of the most expensive corsages ever to be designed. Once you get the Swarovski Corsage, why not try Swarovski studded lingerie or a Swarovski Wing Leather jacket? I am sure you would love them too. People will never get tired of bling and that is perhaps why we continue to see these outlandish pieces of fashion. (Luxury Launches)


Design Your Own Boots

You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes he/she has on the feet. Let your footwear tell a lot about you too as you put your best foot forward in Anna Lunna Boots. Crafted out of exclusive and rare hides, this Miami based company allows every woman to create her own design. Fashionistas can pick from a range sixteen styles, five different heel heights, ten different heel styles and seventeen leather colors to shape up their most desired boots. This kind of custom-couture footwear will promise 100% exclusivity as no other woman will be wearing the same pair of boots. And this luxury comes for a price of $4,500 for ankle boots and $5,000 for knee boots. The brand also spares 10% of the price to a noble cause of helping impoverished women worldwide. (Luxury Launches)

Beautiful boots and charity.......a wonderful combination.

Marcus Schenkenberg Launches a Line of Pearls for Men

Will real men wear pearls? Male model and reality television star Marcus Schenkenberg hopes so. Schenkenberg has partnered with German pearl specialist on YOU ROCK by Marcus Schenkenberg a line of pearl jewelry for men. Designer Mayk Holländer created the black-silver collection with black brilliant-cut diamonds, highlighted by vividly colored Fiji cultured pearls. Black chokers made of leather, silver, knotted silk or stingray leather are combined with pendants that represent an anchor, a cross or a skull and highlight a single pearl. Matching bracelets made of black knotted silk are also adorned with brilliant cut diamonds and Fiji cultured pearls. (Luxist)


Swarovski Crystal Nail File

You'll never be able to go back to 10-pack cheapo emery boards after having this beautiful accessory in your purse! The Swarovski Nail File, created by designer Craig Coulton for the design competition organized by Designboom, consists of two filing blades (regular and smoothing) that fold out to reveal a shining layer beneath them. Crystals are embedded along each side of a silver, gold, or platinum body. Seems there's just no end to many ways that crystals can beautify everyday objects. (Luxist)

Now I wouldn't mind having that in my purse......mainly just to look at.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Asos's New Black Label

(InStyle U.K.)

The booties and silver dress are my favorites.

"Fab Finds"


I was out and about yesterday and happened into one of my favorite thrift stores and then Ross. This particular thrift store tends to receive donations from estate sales, so I always make sure that I stop in often. Normally I find vintage jewelry or some other little trinket, but this time, my eye caught the sight of the telephone pictured here. I was so excited that my palms started to sweat. As I held and looked it over, I contemplated the $50 asking price, but knew there was no way that I could leave there without it.

It doesn't have any markings on it as far as a manufacturer, so I am scouring the internet to see if I can find anything remotely similar.....I haven't yet. There is a particular book at a library that is about 25 miles from where I live, that I have put on hold for pickup, which states that it has about 500 antique phones within it's pages. The only thing with that is, I probably won't be able to pick it up until Monday or Tuesday and I am just dying to know more about my phone. In the Interim, if anyone has any information, please let me know..... I would certainly appreciate it.

During my visit, I also found that gorgeous bracelet which is "dotted" with brilliant rhinestones. It's a bit snug, so I'm going to have to add some links to it. Lastly, I stopped into Ross and found those cute ballerina flats. They are by "Wanted" and their shoes are usually pretty inexpensive anyway, but I paid $9.99......boy was I excited. Iv'e already had a man stop me and ask me where I got them, as he wants to get a pair for his wife. I love all of the colors and know that I will get lots of wear out of them. Of course when I got home, I went online to see if I could find them on some site.....I found them on for $59.95. Needless to say, yesterday was a good day!

Ten Things to Invest in for Spring?

Mary Katrantzou (trend: digital print)

Thomas Maier (trend: sporty)

PHI (trend: military)

Phillip Lim (trend: leather)
John Galliano (trend: corsets)
Karl Lagerfeld (trend: pastels)
Giambattista Valli (trend: wild)
Ohne Titel (trend: scuba)
Louis Vuitton (trend: denim)
Karl Lagerfeld (trend: clogs)


Okay, I have to admit it.....I love the clogs.

"A Little Wrist Decoration"

Beautiful bracelets and cuffs......I can't get enough of them! For me, they have to be embellished or adorned in some way....I like that extra pizazz. I browsed for some of the latest. Enjoy the view!

Armani Exchange
Opening Ceremony



C.C. Skye

French Connection

Jessica Simpson


Lois Hill

Lisa Stewart

Roberto Cavalli

Ben Amun

Erickson Beamon

M Line by Monica Macha

M Line by Monica Macha

Newport News


Nugaard Designs

Jules Smith

Anndra Neel

Anndra Neel

Anndra Neel

Kate Spade

Bonnie Strauss

Eddie Borgo


MJ Jewelry Designs

Alexander McQueen

Newport News