Friday, August 30, 2013

Eina Ahluwalia

Such a beautiful collection! Not only am I enamored with her pieces, I love her design aesthetic. The positive affirmation creations are as unique as they are inspiring. Here's a bit of her story.

For Kolkata-based conceptual jewelry designer Eina Ahluwalia, jewelry is about so much more than ornamentation. “Jewelry is a celebration and affirmation of life and the self,” Eina says. “We need jewelry… to celebrate ourselves.” Traditional Indian motifs dominate Eina’s collections, but she is primarily inspired by strong women and translates concepts of feminine strength, love and respect for others into her products.

She cites her mother and grandmothers as influences, noting that their strength, courage, kindness and love help mold her worldview and her strong spirit. “There is no way I can sit back and watch the world be less than the wonderful, egalitarian place we all deserve to live in.” Spend a few minutes chatting with Eina and you’ll learn that she’s a warrior for love, respect and positivity. You’ll come away feeling like you’ve gained a sister and you’ll believe that jewelry truly can effect change. “My work is my little way to try and change the world, because I believe that we each truly can.”

Love necklace

Compassion bracelet

Baroque cuff
'Kirpan' necklace

Argyle earrings

Generous ring
Golden Drip cuff

Byzantine Vine earrings

Always, Always, Always, Be Kind necklace

Float Boat earrings
Paper Boat cuff

Fretwork Sword necklace

Love, Protect, Respect bangle

Warrior Helmet earrings


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Looking Good for Less

Each season I'm full of excitement as I anticipate the bevy of "new arrivals." Thoughts swirl in my mind as I look forward to integrating new pieces into my wardrobe. This can be rather a daunting task, as I try to distinguish the "needs" and the "wants." The problem is, I have a hard time parting with things (to make room for new items), even if it's something that I haven't worn in a while. I know that there are some things that I should get rid of in favor of newer pieces, but what if I find that I need it later! Such is the dilemma for many of us girls who are true fashion lovers!

Due to the fact that my "wants" are always more than my "needs," I try to balance things out a bit by finding the things that I really like at prices that will afford me more for my money, though I want quality pieces that look good. Don't get me wrong, I still invest in "luxury" pieces, as I think that we all like mixing the high and low.

I've assembled some pieces which I find perfect for a little mixing and matching, when you just need to add a piece or two here and there.
"Icon" slip on, $24.94

Bird sweater, $32.94

Sequined skirt, $36.94
Maxi dress; $34.94

Faux Suede ankle boot, $34.94;
Mango destructed jeans, $40

Joe Fresh "Beatle" boot, $79

Joe Fresh flat, $59
Joe Fresh pug sweater, $39

Joe Fresh denim shirt, $29

Joe Fresh striped denim shirt, $29
I "Heart" Ronson, $45.99 (I HAD to have this! I love the's faux leather at the bottom. I also love the "lean" cut and the zipper detail. It's perfect for year round wear.)

Arizona Jeans "critter" sweater, $30
Arizona paint splattered jeans, $24.99 (this was another must! The picture doesn't do them justice!)

Lulu Guinness mini crossbody bag, $34

Lulu Guinness large dome satchel $54, (yet another must! love that red!)
Mango "Paris" tee, $15

Levis faux leather moto jacket, $60 (o.k., this too!  The zippers and "textured" shoulders sold me!)
Cosmopolitan "Scandal"; $39

Cosmopolitan "Jealousy"; $35

Cosmopolitan "Jaywalk"; $69
Cosmopolitan studded flat, $39

Call It Spring embellished heel boot, $75;
Leather "City" bag, $229

Leather "City" bag, $229

Leather "City" bag with detail, $179 (love, love, love this one!)
Messenger bag, $79.90

Combination tote, $79.90

Leather messenger bag, $99.90
Leather messenger bag, $99.90

Leather (gray) clutch, $99.90

"City" Bag, $39.90
Quilted messenger, $59.90

Block heel boot, $99.90

Leather strap boot, $159

Pointed ballerina, $99.90
Mid-heel boot, $129

Nappa leather boot, $129

High heel point, $79.90

Leather snake skin bootie, $119

Pointed bootie, $79.90

White top, $99.90
Faux leather jacket, $119;
Double breasted coat, $29.95

Embroidered jacket, $49.95

Chiffon top, $24.95
Denim top, $34.95

15 rings, $7.95

Bangle, $7.95

Two-finger ring, $4.95
Draped blouse, $39.95

Embellished pump, $99

Chiffon dress, $69.95 (this would look great over skinny jeans or slim-fit pants)

Beaded collar, $79.95

Cotton blouse, $39.95
Sequined blouse, $34.95

Velvet jacket, $99

Sailor jacket, $129
Glossy skirt, $59.95

Wide ring, $5.95

Four-pack rings, $5.95
Viscose blouse, $17.95

Chiffon dress, $59.95

Jumpsuit, $24.95
Studded jacket, $49.95

Studded pump, $49.95

NYC shirt, $12.95

six-pack rings, $4.95; 
Embellished bag, $79.95

six-pack rings

Lyocell dress, $19.95

Denim dress, $39.95
Chiffon dress, $49.95; h&