Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Off The Beaten Path

What's not to love about an artfully crafted piece of jewelry. Those little trinkets that immediately capture one's attention. This assemblage is that and more, as each designer adds their particular "stamp" to this group of  unique creations.
CABBAGE IS KING Finger Paints Silver & Amethyst ring

Jessica de Lotz "It's Cocktail Time" ring
Arosha Luigi Taglia Coral Pearl 14K gold ring

Claire English "The Magpie Swag" ring
Simmon "Three Birds" ring

Blind Spot Jewelry "Mariana Trench" ring
Atelier R. Lee Puzzle stackable rings

Golnar Gorgin 4D silver ring
Arosha Luigi Taglia "ISIS TWO" diamond 14k gold engagement ring

Arosha Luigi Taglia "NEW YORK" ring
Christina Elleni "Agra Skyline" key ring

Jessica de Lotz "Pauline Light Switch" ring
Christina Elleni Chrysler Building ring

Elena Estaun "Mirage" key ring
Blind Spot Jewelry "Telephone" ring


1 comment:

  1. Great compilation! I just love that finger paints ring.