Monday, August 12, 2013

Multi-function Fashion

Just when you think you've seen it find that you really haven't! Featured is an assortment of interesting items from some very imaginative creators, which are sure to add some humor to your day! Now that I think about it, the "Wine bag," "Snacket" and "Picnic Pants" might be the perfect things to take with you to and outdoor event! Don't forget the "Tent Trainers" in case of rain!

Titled the 'Walking-Shelter' by Australian creators Sibling, the trainers are described as 'a human shelter stored within a pair of sneakers.' Indeed, our diagram shows how the shows convert into a one-man tent, however the wearer's arms and legs are needed to perform as poles. There's no place like a real home.

Perfect for those who like to drink on the go, this nifty gadget signals the end of the conspicuous brown paper bag. Part with just £35 of your hard-earned cash, and a sip of plonk - be it white, rosé or red - (and lots of good times), is only a bag-full away. 
What do you get when you cross multiple ziploc bags with a jacket? A Snacket! ! Fill with all manner of dips, crisps, sweets, cereal, biscuits, nuts, crackers, veg sticks, seeds, scraps and you'll never go hungry again.

Let's be honest, leaning over food in a cross-legged position can't be good for digestion, but thanks to this rather nifty design, a cotton table top is never more than a lap away.
The emergency bra, which can be quickly and easily be converted into two face masks without removing any clothes has all of the following benefits:
1) It can decrease the inhalation of harmful airborne particles.
2) It frees a survivor's hands to keep balance while running and removing objects on the way out of danger.
3)The Emergency Bra can reduce the chance of panic attack.
Who'd have known? 

Thanks to Scottevest's ingenious rebellion at hand-luggage restrictions on aeroplanes, this generously pocket coat can host up to four shirts, two ties, a belt, all manner of electrical devices which shouldn't be used during a flight and still has room left for a pair of sunglasses and a camera. Luggage? That's so passé. 
Ideal for elderly folk who tend to shuffle around; the dustpan slippers can provide a little heap of a feast for all manner of roving rodents. That's only if those pesky crumbs don't make it to the bin.

Abanadonned umbrellas would be a thing of the past if UK businessmen could wear their umbrella round their neck. Bad news for the manufacturing economy however...

Indian aeronautical engineering student Manisha Mohan came up with the idea of the electric shock bra after a spate of horrific rapes in her country. The bra is fitted with a pressure sensor connected to an electric circuit, so that a would-be aggressor would be hit with a 3800kv electric shock - enough to cause severe burns. The bra can also send a text message to a relative or friend and the local police station, with the GPS coordinates of the victim's location.
Ideal for the cast of The Only Way is Essex - who love to accessorise a bikini with a six-inch heel, these flipper shoes combine beach practicality while offering an impression of increased height for the wearer.

Adding new meaning to the term laptop, these techy jeans come with a full-sized blue tooth keyboard, integrated speakers and a wireless computer mouse.
Don't you just hate it when you get caught short in the cubicle? Let dwindling toilet supplies be a thing of the past with this nifty hat. Just watch out when it rains, or you'll have a head of soggy tissue...

Dubbed as 'the first all-in-one jacket, tent and sleeping bag' the Jak-Pak really is for the survival of the fittest. Absolutely not for people who like sharing.

(Daily Telegraph U.K.)

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