Friday, August 30, 2013

Eina Ahluwalia

Such a beautiful collection! Not only am I enamored with her pieces, I love her design aesthetic. The positive affirmation creations are as unique as they are inspiring. Here's a bit of her story.

For Kolkata-based conceptual jewelry designer Eina Ahluwalia, jewelry is about so much more than ornamentation. “Jewelry is a celebration and affirmation of life and the self,” Eina says. “We need jewelry… to celebrate ourselves.” Traditional Indian motifs dominate Eina’s collections, but she is primarily inspired by strong women and translates concepts of feminine strength, love and respect for others into her products.

She cites her mother and grandmothers as influences, noting that their strength, courage, kindness and love help mold her worldview and her strong spirit. “There is no way I can sit back and watch the world be less than the wonderful, egalitarian place we all deserve to live in.” Spend a few minutes chatting with Eina and you’ll learn that she’s a warrior for love, respect and positivity. You’ll come away feeling like you’ve gained a sister and you’ll believe that jewelry truly can effect change. “My work is my little way to try and change the world, because I believe that we each truly can.”

Love necklace

Compassion bracelet

Baroque cuff
'Kirpan' necklace

Argyle earrings

Generous ring
Golden Drip cuff

Byzantine Vine earrings

Always, Always, Always, Be Kind necklace

Float Boat earrings
Paper Boat cuff

Fretwork Sword necklace

Love, Protect, Respect bangle

Warrior Helmet earrings


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