Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stylish Stylist:: Pholoso Selebogo

The stylist, who is little more than 20, is a creative talent and - when it comes to style - shows a maturity that few could hope to match

I can remember vividly the moment I met the creative ingenue, it was in Berlin for fashion week a few years back, I was hitting the galleries and parties with German designer Kai Kuhne and American stylist Avena Gallegher when we came across this larger-than-life spirit adorned with nine silver dots on her face and wearing what seemed to be a second skin of tight black leather.

When I asked her "who are you" she answered dismissively "I am Pholoso" then promptly went back to her dancing partner - somehow with all camera's and attention on her. Then everywhere I went on the European fashion circuit, she was there: Paris, London, Copenhagen, Antwerp and beyond.

So who is this girl - that stylistically shows a maturity few can emulate? When you finally win her conversation she offers up references that are far beyond her years - perhaps she is exactly who she initially told me she was - just "Pholoso". Simply put she is a twenty-something stylist from South Africa who found her way to the fashion center of Antwerp, Belgium with her mother, a government worker, only to win the hearts, minds and respect of a long list of industry insiders.

"My style is very random, I just wake up and think how I feel like."

(Vogue Italia)

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