Monday, January 31, 2011


Color, first of all.
And then common sense, design, experimentation with materials, with an eye to the past.

All this, and more, is Leghilà, a line of ironic and cool bags conceived by Padua-born designer Giovanna dell’Onte.

It all started in 2004, with the launch of a special, open cube-shaped bag which immediately became a hit. Then production stopped for a while: Giovanna developed various collaborations and became a mum twice.

In 2009 she was back on the market with the Washable Collection Leghilà: more than 20 neoprene models in 52 different color combinations, enriched with unique detailing.
Classic, iconic bags live a brand new life with the use of unusual materials.

The attitude is very London-like.
Avant-garde, yet also old-style.
Neoprene will be the key material also for Spring/Summer 2011.It is funny, of course, yet at the same time functional: it’s soft, it doesn’t scratch or lose its shape, it’s totally washable. And what is more, it works well for shopping bags, travel bags, computer-cases and long-strap shoulder bags.

«Leghilà is like a breath of fresh air that keeps in mind the past and traditions but tries to tone them down embracing a modern elegance,» explains the designer-business woman. We agree, and it is definitely cool and energetic, too.


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