Saturday, May 19, 2012


Lucilla Giovanninetti’s textile jewelry.


Grand Tour necklace

Fabric bracelet
Water Lily bracelet


Arrotola Bag

Foglie Verdi necklace

Volo Brass necklace
Man pin
Forchetta Silver earrings

Arnello e Basta

Ferro di Cavallo
Silver Adessobasta

Brass Adessobasta

Silver and silk Prato
Prato Magro

Serpente Lungo
Lucilla Giovanninetti creates textile jewelry. She is at the same time an artist and a designer, but when we ask her which definition she prefers, she evades the question: "Can I say neither of them? I have too much respect for both methodologies. However, if I had to sum up my way of "thinking" jewelry, I'd say I feel closer to an artistic setting, as for now." We shall thus define her as poet of daily life that started creating jewels since when she graduated in Modern Literature: "At University I would craft jewelry with wood, plastic, salvaged materials. In the 90s I conceived a line of jewelry under the name of LUCILLA GI that was picked by interesting stores, both in and outside Italy (including Penelope in Brescia, Takashimaya in New York, Seibu in Hong Kong), so the brand has evolved embracing accessories and clothing."

Jewelry remains her main focus and her latest project is called Eandare: a range of jewelry pieces in silver, brass, bronze and fabrics: "A small world that can mean something different from simple ornaments but that maintains a bond, fundamental for me, with wearability."

Among the main components of her creations are playfulness and daily life – see the fork-shaped earrings – but also the strength of the message conveyed, like for adessobasta, (enough now): a ring that seems like a final, clearly-stated statement. A piece, in brass, that is also among her favorites: "Alongside a viscose necklace called Arrotola that comes in several colors: a very long tubular piece that may be wrapped around the neck many times or let hang free over the knees; among my favorites also the Prato metallic ring with ripped viscose tufts instead of stones." Among the many other passions that inspire her are "Cinema, art, literature. Travelling. I love also a family dimension, I am moved by sharing private feelings."

Lucilla tells us about her working method: "A painting, a sentence I read somewhere can inspire me a shape, a theme I then develop. Sometimes I start from a sketch I outline with a pen, others I jot down notes, and describe with words what I will later on give a plastic shape to. For a metallic piece I first create the mould with wax, and then cast the pieces in brass, bronze, or silver. If the piece comes in fabric, my approach is very similar to that required for a dress: sewing pattern, first prototype, choice of fabric." As for the choice of materials, she explains: "For some time now I have been carrying out a research on textile jewelry, realizing items that are removed from classic typologies. They are part necklace, part scarf, part accessory. I am particularity interested in combining metallics with fabrics."

Currently the Eandare pieces are on sale at the designer’s space in Milan (at 6,via Rovetta) by appointment, and in stores and galleries in Italy (Milan, Turin, Castell'Arquato, Bologna, Venice, Palermo, Treviso) and outside Italy (Austria, Cyprus, Australia).

She is now planning to start selling her creations online and to develop and sell also men’s jewelry: "I would love to collaborate with a menswear clothing brand that may be interested in including jewelry in their collections, yet with a stylistic and formal value that goes beyond men’s classic typologies."


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