Thursday, May 27, 2010

Street Style: The Incredibly Chic

This is absolutely one of the most chic group of ladies that I've featured in quite some time! They've taken, in some cases, the latest trends and worked them into their own interpretations of style....I love that! It's always fascinating to get a peek at what women around the world are wearing. I can only imagine what must be contained in their closets!


She has made the skirt the focal point, mixing it with neutrals.....clean and chic.

This simple look is amped up by the addition of the Alexander Wang slides.

There is something about those "worn" boots that pulls it all together, not to mention the fact that they look super comfortable!

Not only are these ladies the pictures of style, there is just something so.......chic about riding that kind of bicycle, ala Audrey Hepburn.

She is perfect, from her cropped cut to those fabulous, studded clog boots!

She really made this look work.....possibly, if you saw it all laid out together, the thought would be hmmmmm....., but it works!

I've seen this person in more than one street style feature, and understandably so! She is another DO, from head to toe.

This is another favorite among the favorites...the bag, the shoes the pants, I love it!

Love the bag!

Another look of perfection......I love that she's punched things up with a dose of color.


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