Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week S/S 2010-11 Konstantina Mittas

I love the cut of this dress.....it offers so much in the way of styling options. Add a black "under slip," long chandelier or tassel earrings, an ornate cuff, statement ring (gold, silver or a "shock" of color) and a funky pair of shoes and you're set!

Fabulous top.....the sleeves really makes it stand out!

You know, I actually like this skirt.....it's not a style that I would wear, but I find the design appealing.

Ah....now this is really a favorite, the shoulder detail is fabulous!

Simple, yet stylish!

Another nice look!

This is another style that I like, but wouldn't wear.

I like what's going on here with the skirt, but I would layer it over a mini or pencil skirt.

Impeccable design.....a mix of details in always inviting.
While I understand the design aesthetic and the vision, I'm really not feeling this look and the next. The shoulder detail seems to overwhelm the delicate design and material, as it looks too "heavy."


This collection bears many interesting silhouettes. Soft and flowing with a mix of structured and architectural details and just a hint of Origami, makes for some unique yet wearable looks. I also love that touch of gray......it appears that gray is becoming "the new neutral." Easily matched with an array of colors, such as the marigold, shown here, it certainly lends to a stylish look. All in all, Each look bears a stylish appeal.

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