Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Style From the Streets of Soho

Model, Ebony Mciver is perfectly dressed for a day of shopping.

Kelle Jacobs, Projects Development Coordinator for Estee Lauder

Zara Employee Saran Johnson wearing all Zara. I love, love, love those leather shorts and of course the shoes!

Stylist Chay

Loft employee Marcia Dickson-Love the bag!

Geraldine Calixte has a online shopping website in the works.

Genelle L. Franklin, Personal Stylist for Banana Republic-I love her look.

Journalist Asia B.-Love the leather jacket!

School teacher Monica Johnson enjoys a day off.

Joresa Blount, Actress and T.V. Host of Celeb Locale

Allison Zamora, Licensing Director for Marc Jacobs-Nice jacket and bag.
Kimberly Hutton is in "professional mode" for a little job hunting.
Chic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Shirley Madhere

Student and Owner of Yamerra Natuaral Skincare, Bibi

Makeup Artist, Stephanie West

Art Buyer, Hosanna Marshall-I lover her "artsy" style.

Visual Merchandiser for Paragon Sports, Ciara K. Moton

Trademark Consultant, Kay Arroyl

Designer (Mataano) Ayaan Mohallim

Designer Idyl Mohallim and sister of Ayaan

Songwriter, Takiyah Clyricwondee-Nice look.

BMG Model, Millana Snow-Casually chic.


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