Monday, May 24, 2010

Fine Jewelry: "Animal Luxe"

Borgioni’s rhodium, 18-karat gold, diamond and ruby spider’s web earring.

The animal kingdom has long offered rich inspiration for jewelers. Among the bold current pieces: Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co.’s gold, platinum and diamond gazelle brooch and Fabrice Paris’ elephant head in metal and faux-coral.

Chopard Animal World Collection’s 18-karat gold, diamond, emerald, sapphire and onyx monkey earring.

Seaman Schepps’ 18-karat gold, South Sea pearl, diamond and sapphire bird brooch.

Munnu/The Gem Palace’s 18-karat gold, silver, precious and semiprecious stone turtle brooch.

Cartier’s 18-karat gold, diamond, emerald and onyx tiger ring.

James de Givenchy for Taffin’s rhodium-plated 18-karat gold, diamond, spinel and meerschaum deer brooch.

Solange Azagury-Partridge’s 18-karat gold, diamond and enamel dragonfly cuff.

Stephen Webster’s 18-karat gold, tsavorite, diamond, agate and quartz lobster ring.

Chopard Animal World Collection’s 18-karat gold, diamond and sapphire owl watch.

Anita Ko’s 18-karat gold and diamond owl necklace.

Boucheron’s gold and ruby hedgehog ring.

Lucifer Vir Honestus’ gold, turquoise and diamond frog ring.

Things are wild in the world of fine jewelry, as animal wonders make a splash.


Such decadent and rich pieces from some of the leading makers of fine jewelry. Many appear as fabulous Estate pieces awaiting auction. Munnu's diamond and gem encrusted turtle, is a very popular piece that has graced the pages of many a magazine, and understandably so. It would also make a stunning ring! The Cartier Tiger, with it's flawless, Emerald eye, is another popular item that has also shared a great deal of exposure, as it makes a stately presence. Oh, and those owls....any piece with an owl motif instantly catches my eye, which is the least that can be said about Anita Ko's necklace and Chopard's watch. If money were no object, I would certainly purchase the owl watch and wear it every day, as I don't believe in buying something THAT beautiful and "saving" it for some special occasion. Stephen Webster's lobster ring is beyond compare; it projects some of my favorite elements, big, bold, unique, and colorful! It's another piece that I would "rotate" among those that I wear on a daily basis....who would want to just let it sit in a jewelry box! I certainly don't want to forget Solange Azagury-Partridge's dragonfly cuff....truly a work of art! I admire her particular "brand of creativity," as she keeps one wondering what she will come up with next. This is elegance at it's best.


  1. Love the frog. I really love every piece.

    Personal question...would you rather no comments?

  2. The owl necklace is so gorgeous! I've fallen in love with it.

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