Wednesday, May 26, 2010

AKKAD Jewelry

For over 20 years, Ahmed Akkad has been designing fashion, fabric, home accessories and decorative objects. Now the New Yorker is turning his creative eye toward exotic jewelry with his new Romance collection for the Home Shopping Network. His work is inspired by his Egyptian homeland, world travels, old Hollywood glam and the disco-chic '70s. His wife, Susan Akkad, an executive at Estee Lauder, is his muse.

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Akkad is one of the designers, featured by HSN during their Lucky Shops Designer Event. His pieces premiered on May 20th. Of course I was immediately taken with his gem encrusted offerings.....the brilliant colors certainly make all the difference! one can see the vintage influence in each of his pieces.....none so evident as the necklaces in pictures five and seven. I'm glad to know something about his background and look forward to seeing more of his elegant designs.

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