Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, my mother, niece and myself decided to go out for lunch and a little shopping. It turned out to be a "one stop shop," as we ended up in my favorite store. While I didn't have anything particular in mind to purchase, I found some things that I could not and would not pass up.

The silver metallic trench (I've been searching for one), is Michael by Michael Kors from the 2008 season (I couldn't care less about that!), as it retailed at $249 and was marked down to $19 from their price of $ about your 'retail high!" The tie dye top is Lucky Brand, and it was also on the sale rack.........the retail was $98 and I paid $9. I especially love the mix of colors. The shoes I had to have because I love the color........I didn't get them to match the Lucky top, although they do, it was more about having a comfortable (and they are!), shoe for traveling and such. I Googled them, as I hadn't heard of the brand Tsubo. I found them on for $54, marked down from $99.......I paid $9, so that was really a feel good moment! Last but not least, I just happened to be browsing through a bin of purses and found the clutch and metallic wallet.

The clutch is LeSportsac Boutique (I love the fobs and the print!), which I also Googled and found on Ebay for $29.99. It retailed for $98 and I paid $5......what a score! The gold metallic wallet which can also double as a clutch was a real steal at $2.......made by Mundi, it retailed for $35. The leather is so nice and soft! All in all it was a great day, always made better when great bargains are "in the mix."


  1. Jealous! Where is your favorite store? I feel like I need to go there!

  2. They have several.....Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas (Ft. Worth). I shop at the store in Tulsa, but anytime I'm traveling and find myself anywhere near a store, I check out their selection. It really is a great place to shop; I've purchased about 95% of my total wardrobe in their stores.