Monday, April 26, 2010

Style from the Streets of L.A.

Such a well put together look......the Louis Vuitton bag is simply divine and adds "that extra something" without being too much.

Classic perfection!

Nice statement necklace.

Ah....this I love. This is a woman who is very confident. It appears that she views fashion as art and wears it in her own stylish way. I have much admiration for this type of woman, as she doesn't conform to what's trendy, but has carved out her own niche.

Love the booties!

Another classic look.....I love a nice blazer with jeans.

Nice "summery" look.

This is a "fashion vixen"'s apparent that she likes things a little edgy.

Nice look!

Another nice look....I love the top and her Prada clutch


It's always interesting to see each individual's take on style. When it comes to fashion, I don't really look at things as right or wrong, but more of one's own interpretation.

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