Monday, April 19, 2010

Men: T/M by Taiki Matsumura A/W 2010

After finding that he was far more interested in Fashion than his Economics degree in Tokyo, Taiki Matsumura (the designer behind the t/m label), decided to move to New York to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Whilst living in downtown Manhattan, Taiki started focusing on an artisanal approach to design, and feeling the nostalgia for fine craftsmanship, his first collection harks back towards the heritage of classic menswear.

His t/m collection for Autumn/Winter 2010 combines a geek chic aesthetic with the sporty outdoors via jacquard cardigan sweaters, quilting blazers, cashmere hoodie pull-overs, slouchy knitted pants and wool herringbone jackets. The combination of different fabrics embellished with vintage buttons, hand-knit cashmere vests and pullovers recall a vanishing trade using a palette of Bordeaux, bright green, navy and prints in camouflage or snowflakes offering a playful look that aims to bring Old New York, back to life.

Available at The News in late August / early September 2010.

(Dazed & Confused Digital)

Great mix & match pieces which bear a touch of classic with a twist.

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