Friday, March 5, 2010

Men: "Calling All Prepsters"

Funny, isn't it? No matter how many times a new season comes around, when the weather changes we open our wardrobes only to feel at a loss what to wear and when.

Our brand-new supplement GQ Trends, in association with H&M, is designed to help you prepare for the months ahead, allowing you to plan the season armed with the necessary knowledge and know-how. In the past few years, the High Street has approached menswear in a more classical fashion: this means fewer logos and contrived stitching, less over-bleaching, tearing or kaleidoscopic polo-shirt combinations. Instead, it offers clean lines, versatility and stylish simplicity - all the things that make menswear work.

(GQ magazine U.K.)

These styles have always been around, but possibly demand has waned due to the influx of hoodies, tees, Graphic shirts and the vast amount of designer jeans. For those looking for something a little different for spring, featured are some great "mix and match" pieces.

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