Friday, March 26, 2010

Ah..........So That's What's In Back of the Closet (part 2)

Well, I think I've made the "final sweep" through the closets. The next order of business is to rearrange the pieces so that I'm wearing them all and not forgetting about anything.

1. I loved this tie-dye wrap so much that I bought two. I cut the sleeves from one so that I could wear it over tanks and such when the weather was warmer. I definitely got plenty of wear out of both last year and will do the same this year. I've added several gray pieces to my wardrobe over the last year, as I love it's versatility.

2. This is definitely a keeper.........hounds tooth is such a timeless classic. I purchased it from J.C. Penney last year. I guess I've worn it about three times; I will move it to the front for wear in the weeks ahead.

3. & 4. Buffalo (David Britton)-This I bought from my favorite name brand store, at least, five years you can see it's still relevant to today's trends. I love the draping back!

5. This Guess jacket is relatively new......another great buy from my favorite store. I bought it after Christmas for about $30. So far, I've only worn it once, but that's going to change pretty quick!

6. & 7. I bought this gray sweater from my favorite store in either November or December.......I was drawn to the draping back with it's "spider web" design! Worn once, I think.

8. The bag on the left is a classic Liz Claiborne that I've had since the 80's.......the gator embossed leather is fabulous! It reminds me of a bag that I saw Elizabeth Taylor (one of my favorite people!), carrying in one of her movies.......maybe it was Butterfield 8, but I digress; this is one of my "go to" bags when I want the whole ladylike feminine look. The wicker purse with the owls looks like vintage, but sadly it's not. I purchased it about three years ago at T.J. Maxx. It's a summer staple.

9. This sequined vest is vintage......I picked it up at a thrift store in new condition. It's been about three or fours years and I think I've worn it once; that's about to change, as I love sequins for day.........especially with jeans.

10. I bought this ruffle shrug last year and boy was it all over the place........from the streets to t.v., it seemed that everyone had one. Although, I don't like looking like a clone of someone else, I'll hold on to it because I love the fact that it looks great with everything from tanks to dresses.

11. This "Tory Burch-ish" top was a J.C. Penney bargain from last year. I've worn it many times and will "revive" it again this summer.

12. This jeweled number was purchased from my favorite store about three or four years's also seen quite a bit of wear.

13. I bought this vest at the end of the summer season last year for about $7 at Sears. I know many of us don't think about Sears as a place to buy clothes, especially cute stuff, but if you go inside, you'll be pleasantly surprised. I haven't worn it yet, but plan to by adding a tank underneath, a black belt and skinny jeans.

14. This classic Ralph Lauren jacket, purchased from my favorite store for about $49, has been around since the late 90's! It's one of those timeless wardrobe staples that I'll definitely hold on to.

15. This I.N.C. (International Concepts) sweater has never been worn.......why, I ask myself.......lost in the shuffle I guess. There again, love the sequins and I will definitely wear it in the coming weeks.

16. The boyfriend bought this Jessica Simpson bag for me last year from Macys. We were strolling through one day and my eye was drawn to that color! After giving me the speech about how many bags I already own and why I don't need another, he relented. Of course, he asks about it when I don't carry it, as if it should be the ONLY bag that I should wear! gotta love 'em. :)

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