Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lipsy Spring/Summer 2010

(Instyle U.K.)

What a nice well-rounded collection! I'm lovin the floaty, frilly and feather accented dresses.....especially the floral with black trim; a cool choice for those hot summer days ahead. While the bustier dress is hotter than hot, It's one that I must pass up. I belong to the "ample bosom group" and, for me, it's hard to find one that fits properly. I also don't like the "ole yank and pull;" when I get dressed I don't like to deal with any "fussiness." That said, I've noticed that the stores are inundated with various styles of rompers. From strapless and denim to spaghetti strap prints........ I like the look as long as they are not too.......short.

Another favorite from this line, are the studded's a nice touch. All in all this is a line that offers a variety of stylish and wearable pieces.

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