Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Litter Body Jewelry

Meet Rachael Mann and Mackenzie Burdick, the San Francisco-based siblings behind Litter, a new line of body jewellery that's taking the fashion world by storm - they have just collaborated on jewellery for Christian Cota's spring/summer 2010 presentation and Jasmine di Milo's recent Paris Fashion Week show. Though neither has a jewellery design background - and they never wore traditional jewellery because they found it "boring," the sisters "decided to collaborate together as we both had cool ideas," said Rachael. They began by designing head jewellery then started experimenting with different places on the body - forearm, hand and elbow chains, thumb holsters, garters, delicate torso harnesses, shoe jewellery and, our favourite, a series of tough luxe shoulder pieces, like the antique brass bauble shown here, that are designed to draw attention to well-toned arms. All of Litter's pieces are made from vintage findings, which means they're eco-chic and one of a kind. Just like the woman wearing it. Available at www.littersf.com.

(Elle U.K.)

Interesting......I checked out the website and it features some unique pieces such as leg chains. It appears that a new trend is on the horizon

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