Monday, March 29, 2010

Eco-Friendly and Cute!


While reading the current issue of Nylon Magazine this weekend, I ran across an article about the bags and the designer Hilary Taymour. Here's the lowdown:

"I'm trying to break through that hippie-guru-yoga persona," says Hilary Taymour who designs eco-friendly bags under her label Collina Strada. "The eco industry has really evolved. I feel like I can do anything stylish and still keep that sustainability in mind." To be sure, there's nothing remotely granola about Taymour's wares. The Los Angeles native (and recent New York transplant) favors structured, geometric shapes and works with textile designer Siel Bartolucci to transform organic inks and canvas into bold, fashion-foward tableauz inspired by vintage and ethnic prints.

It's a formula that's working: Collina Strada has been picked up by Fred Segal and Eco-boutiques around the countries. It has also secured a modest celebrity following (including Chloe Sevigny ad Anna Pacquin). But as a designer and budding entrepreneur, Taymour gets most excited when her bags are worn by average Janes. "I love it when I see a cute girl walking down the street with one. It's like, you actually paid for it!"


I love the bags and especially the "harness-type" vest!


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