Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ah.......So That's What's In the Back of the Closet!

For many of us, it's that time of year when we go through the closet or closets, to see what to keep and what to get rid of. I got a pretty good start this evening, but there's more. I thought I'd share some of the "keepers."

1. Cole Haan-I remember buying these from Marshalls; probably about three years ago. They are perfect for the cold days of winter due to the fact that the leather is pretty thick. I did wear them a couple of times this winter with skinny jeans.......it was a good look.

2. Old Navy-Ah......my favorite flats, you can tell that they've experienced a great deal of wear! These have to be about five or six years old.......I bought them during the time when the sequin shoe trend was gaining popularity. I still get compliments on them; they are my "go to" shoes when I need to run to the store and want something to slip on quickly.

3. Timberland-These really weren't in the back of the closet, but were in the trunk of the car.......I bought them this winter and have only worn them once; I don't know why, because I really love them. They too will take "front and center" so that I won't forget about them.

4. Ann Taylor-I've never worn these......they are actually a little big (size 10).......I wear a 9 or 91/2, but I'm hanging on to them. They were such a bargain. I think I bought them about two to three years ago at my favorite local store that carries great name brand goodies.

5. Dolce and Gabbana-These I've had for a good seven or eight years and have no intention of getting rid of them. Another great score from my favorite store.

6. Bernardo-These I also throw on when I need to make a quick run.......I've had them for a couple of years.

7. Donald Pliner-I've has these for about two years.......another great deal; I found them at a resale shop barely worn.

8. & 9. Marshall Fields-Two of my favorite bags! My favorite store bought some of Marshall Fields' stock when they closed their doors. The leather on both is so......soft and supple. Again, two pieces that transcend time.

10. DKNY-This one I bought at T.J. Maxx about three years ago.......I think it was on sale for about $50. They ALWAYS carry great bags!

11. Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) I'm sure everyone remembers the whole J-Lo craze........I bought this purse during that time and still love it! The polka dots give it an unique look and it's also a really nice leather. It needs a little cleaning and it will be ready for spring!

12. Kaelyn-Max-Another great T.J. Maxx find. I've actually never worn it....the tags are still attached. Every time I look at it, I think, "why haven't I worn that." I plan to change that as soon as the weather permits!

13. Pepe Jeans-Are they still around? Anyhoo, I found this at my favorite store for a song! I've worn it just once in the three or so years that I've had it.

14. & 15. Ralph Lauren-I've owned this military-style jacket for at least seven years. I love the brass button details and the way that it looks on.......it fits through the waist which give the bottom a bit of a "peplum look." I've been thinking about updating it a bit, by adding some gold braid to the shoulders.......it's definitely a keeper!

16. DKNY-I loved this top the first time that I saw it and I'm still in love with it. I've forgotten now exactly when I bought it, but it's been around quite a while. The beading and embroidery is impeccable........It will definitely be rotated to the front to wear in the coming weeks.

As you can see, I love a variety of styles......I don't like the idea of wearing the same look; I like to keep it interesting. That's probably why I forget about some of the things that I do own, but oh well, such is the joy of shopping!

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