Thursday, May 19, 2011


Two curvy women launch a rebel magazine

ue Thomanson and Sarah Kenny were tired of going through women magazines filled with images and messages harmful for their self-confidence and for the consideration of themselves. So they decided to create a small independent publishing house and publish Beautiful, a magazine that is as glamorous as any glossy magazine, but that focuses exclusively on curvy women.

Born after the experiment of Just as Beautiful,the magazine, now more structured, is an answer to all those women that want to see a curvy and natural body type represented and talked about.

The editorial lines are very clear: Beautiful publishes exclusively images of plus size models (starting from a size 44); there is no space for diets or weight loss; beauty in all its diversity is celebrated and the use of programs to manipulate the images and make women look thinner are forbidden.

The summer issue, the cover of which is dedicated to Adele, can be bought directly from their website, or in Evans stores across the UK.


I love the idea of this magazine and who/what it represents. Just as our world is diverse with various ethnicities, so are we as women and lovers of fashion. Kudos to the ladies for such a timely production!

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