Monday, May 23, 2011

All About The Statement Necklace

With the more understated necklace taking center stage in recent months, one would think that those fabulous statement pieces are on the decline. Alas, such is not true! Oh sure, as trends go, their popularity will wane from time to time, but they will continue to be a necessary wardrobe staple for many of us, as they linger in the background.

I love the idea of a fabric necklace like those offered by Kapow! Wow!. What a great alternative to scarf trend. I can imagine that either would prove a comfortable wear, as well as adding a chic and colorful touch to a tank or maxi dress.

Whether they're made of fabric, adorned with coins or laden with crystals, the statement necklace is always in season!

1. Shourouk 2. Dries Van Noten 3. Wunderkind 4. Shourouk 5. Emanuele Bicocchi 6. Erickson Beamon 7. & 8. Shaoo 9. Ugo Cacciatori 10. Giles 11. Holly Fulton 12. Blandine Bardeau 13. & 14. Natalie Brown 15. Katerina Psoma 16. - 18. Kapow! Wow! 19. Ilikerope 20. Gabrielle Frantzen 21. Sveva Collection 22. Sportmax 23. Fernanda Pereira




  2. Checkout her jewlery collection..its beautiful