Friday, May 6, 2011

The Amazing Delfina

She says she is "...quiet, an observer, timid, melancholy, introspective and ironic to balance things out but with a bit of a dark side". Delfina Delettrez is many things all at once: a designer, a fashionista, a traveler, a dreamer and a mother. She got her start with an internship at Chanel and she realized that fashion and design were part of her.

She began making accessories for herself. Friends began asking about her accessories so she decided to show some of her pieces. Her first collection was shown in the concept store of Sarah Colette in Paris. Not long after she opened a small boutique in Via del Governo Vecchio in Rome and now she distributes to concept stores around the world. Her favorite material is silver "...because it changes its color over time..." and because it’s more understated than gold. But silver is also ductile enough to be used in her more surreal and dynamic pieces.

She also loves enamels, colors and alternative materials to use in eccentric ways. Sometimes she mounts precious stones upside down, hiding them in the folds of the ring . "Symbolism is a fundamental element of jewelry", says Delfina. Her jewels become "talismans, good-luck charms, whimsies that come from personal experiences and those of my generation". Becoming a mother is the experience that has influenced her the most: "It gave me a lot of energy and creativity". While she loves spending her days in her workshop, she also takes every opportunity to travel with her daughter to widen the horizons of her creativity and her fantastic world. She says she is looking into a very new material that could be perfect for her imaginative jewels, but it’s too soon to say anymore. Experimentation takes take. We await her news with much curiosity.


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