Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Selda Okutan

This is one of THE most impressive jewelry collections that I've run across in quite some time! Each piece, "raw" and sculpted, "tells it's own story". Read on for more about this artistic talent!

"For Love" ring (volume II)

"A Drop Of Tear"



"Selection Wedding"

"Water Effect"

"Like A Diamond"

"Wake Up Ring"

"Istanbul Ring"
"Of Mice & Men"


"Weight Of The Earth"

"Fantastic Love"


"Lady In The Pearl Garden"

"Like A Diamond"


"Sweet Heart"


"Hotel" brooch (daylight)

"Stone Master"

"Babies Garden"

"Lovely Tourmaline"


"Reaching Woman" brooch
Selda Okutan

The Story:

After 5 year of study in Jewelry Technologies and Designs, She worked for a few companies in jewelry field until May 2008. She decided to spend her time for special design and custom made jewelry. She applied human figures to jewelry with her unique style. She went out of the box of two dimensions and managed to use freedom of 3D. She is currently working on ceramic figures and collection of Harem. (

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