Thursday, February 14, 2013

Elisabetta Franchi Jewels

A touch of subtlety.

Jewels represent more and more a key element for those who want to personalize their look: Elisabetta Franchi, designer from Bologna, knows it well, and focuses on the Jewels collection for the 2013 spring season; it is a sophisticated line with old-fashioned features, focusing on the attention for the details.

The 2013 ss collection includes long earrings, necklaces enriched with some coral-coloured roses, multi-laces bracelets. And, what’s more: pendants made of creamy-coloured enameled brass, with very light golden chains, necklaces that match light golden-colour chains with plexiglass pendants in the shape of a drop or of a rose, that are respectively proposed in the creamy and coral nuances. Bracelets couldn’t be missed: rigid, made of golden and enameled brass, bands with a creamy-colour ribbon, or multi-chain, enlightened by strass.

"Style is more and more a question of personalization, and of choices" says Elisabetta Franchi – and the Jewels collection has been thought to allow all women to embellish their look, one day after the other: necklaces, earrings and bracelets are not to be kept for a special day, but they have to turn daily life into something special, too, by enhancing the feminine’s beauty without excessive ostentations”. (

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