Monday, December 17, 2012

The Worst Outfits of 2012?

Yes, according to the Daily Telegraph U.K. I'm sure that we could all add to this list, but they've managed to capture some of the worst "offenders." There are a couple or three that I disagree with, but for the most part, they are dead on! The accompanying commentary is hilarious.... if you could use a good laugh, this should do it!

TulisaIt seems only fair that Tulisa should kick off this rogue's gallery since she has surpassed all others in 2012 in the bad fashion stakes. This for us though has to be the lowest point. For her appearance on Britain's Got Talent, The Female Boss committed a catalogue of crimes from her flat, plastic riff on Scottish dancing shoes, through her sci-fi body-con-meets-wafty dress, to her disastrous dip-dye job on top. The best thing to say here is that the outfit was better than the performance …

Nancy Dell'OlioCleopatra comin' atcha? No, it's perma-tanned Italian fancy-pants Nancy Dell'Olio who got her invites to the Ancient Egyptian Orgy and The Serpentine Summer Party muddled up. Silly Nancy!

Heidi KlumWhen the street sweepers of LA went on strike earlier this year, within hours the sidewalks started resembling a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Charitable supermodel turned TV presenter Heidi Klum to the rescue! 'Flare Aid' saw brave Heidi swap her fashion cred for a day in ginormous bell-bottoms to rid the streets of rubbish. Literally nothing else could explain this outfit …

O.k., while I don't care for the jacket, I've actually been lusting for a pair of these jeans for quite some time.
Sharon StoneYes, you have read the caption correctly; this really is bonkers 'Basic Instinct' sex-bomb Sharon Stone in a demure departure from her usual age-inappropriate get-ups. The bad news Sharon? The Queen called and she wants her outfit back.

Katherine HeiglGuess what serial fashion offender Katherine Heigl is wearing here - go on, guess … Give up? It's Chanel. Let me say that again in case anyone didn't catch it: THIS DRESS IS CHANEL. Heigl gives a master class in how no amount of money can buy style - never has such a beautiful dress been so wronged.

Kim Kardashian'Hi, meet my pelvis!' Kim Car-crashian goes one step beyond the 'camel toe' debuting the full camel hump. Kim, when even your friend is laughing at your trousers, it's time to change.
Lily Cole'A pint of Snakebite please … Oh sorry, is this not the student union bar?" No, Lily, it's the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival. In case you're still perplexed (no common sense these brainy types) the dress code here is all-out glamorous gowns and diamonds. Oh, and a blow-dry would be a bonus.

Little MixRealising too late that they had left their outfits for the photocall at home, Little Mix were forced to loot Primark. In the dark.

Lady GagaEver wondered what the love child of Mr Blobby and Barbapapa would look like? Luckily we have Lady Gaga to do away with such taxing trivialities.
Jaime WinstoneWe've said it before, and we'll say it again: our eyes! Where the heck does this girl even buy her clothes? Seriously? We literally would not even know where to begin searching for frilly black, patent, short-shorts should we want to. Which of course, we don't.

Billie MucklowWe "yabba dabba doo" not know why TOWIE 'star' Billie Mucklow decided to dress up as Fred Flintstone at a premiere earlier this year, but the result did at least make us laugh so much our sides nearly split.

Rebecca FerdinandoWe couldn't possibly choose between these two astonishing outfits 'modelled' by 'actress' Rebecca Ferdinando. Is anyone thinking she was starved of attention as a child?
Ellie GouldingPoor Ellie must have missed the news earlier this year that leather trousers top the list of women's most regrettable purchases. Flame-embellished, tassle-adorned biker jackets came a close second. Doh.

Jessie JKrazee, gurning pop singer, Jessie J, has an equally krazee way with an outfit. We don't really know where to begin with this one, so we're going to stand back in silence and let you absorb its full horror undisturbed.

Some of the teenaged girls in my area are wearing this look. The only word that fits is ATROCIOUS!

Paloma FaithPaloma made an early claim for worst outfit of 2012, stepping out in this dodgy gown for the premiere of Cirque du Soleil's 'Totem' on January 5. Yes, she is both blending into the backdrop and matching the program. Enough said.
Eva LongoriaWoah there Eva Longoria! Was it strictly necessary to coordinate your shoes to your legs and your TAN LEATHER HOTPANTS?! No, you're eyes are not deceiving you, she really did go out in public like this...

I personally think that this is a good look....perfect on Eva's petite frame.

Andrea RiseboroughRed carpet darling, Andrea Riseborough, made an outstanding 'boob' in this chest-baring gown whose neckline was making a bid to be its waistline. It's not a terrible outfit per se, more a terrible judgment call.

There's always at least one rotter at every award ceremony. At FHM's 100 Sexiest Women of the Year Awards, this mystery girl, whose 'assets' were at no point in any danger of being contained within her revealing bandage dress, was surely a shoe-in for the Least Sexy Outfit of the Year gong. Trust us when we say, this is the least offensive picture …
Katy Perry
The good news? The roaring twenties had a stylistic moment this year. The bad news? It was over about six months before Katy Perry dressed up in this ill-fitting nightie and hit the red carpet looking like a Strictly Come Dancing contestant.

Nicki Minaj'Does my bum look big in this?' Actually, no, Nicki, but why so sad? Oh right, yes, because you look like an upholstered chess piece.

Actually, this entire piece could have been comprised of just Nicki Minaj's dont's, but they are far too numerous!

Katie PriceIs Page 3 stunner, Katie Price, on the worst outfit list again? Do horses eat hay?! Giddy-up Katie and get thee to fashion school. Lesson one: why orange satin and orange skin do not make happy bedfellows.
Kate HudsonKate Husdson must have been suffering with an acute case of baby brain when she put this look together. What else could possibly explain the usually stylish new mum's decision to team fluoro cropped joggers with a fur gilet and tassled Ugg boots? Best mate Stella McCartney needs to stage a style intervention, pronto.

Many a fashion sin has been committed with UGG boots in the "mix." While the brand has now added some very nice leather and suede offerings, this particular type seems to reign supreme! As I was walking through Dillards a couple of days ago, I saw that they now have them in bright colors with sequins.....what a stir that will cause!
Blake LivelyTrue fact: Gossip Girl is a TV show about fashion. Also true: Blake Lively's horrific ensemble has absolutely nothing to do with fashion. Pass the migraine tablets …

I'm kinda on the fence with this one...I think it works for her.

Ke$haThat Ke$ha knows how to have fun doesn't she eh? How she must have chortled when she pulled on that embellished leotard, guffawed when pulling on those skin-tight mock-croc flat soldiers boots and howled as she finished it off with a market stall jacket and leather, fingerless arm-warmers. Oh Ke$ha, you wag!

Melody ThorntonEx-Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton must have literally had one of those 'I've got NOTHING to wear moments' and ran out of the house with something normally used to preserve the modesty of one's windows. However said gown did zero to preserve hers ….


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