Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Georgina Skalidi

"I want to be able to be creative under extremely difficult conditions in Greece"

Academic background
 "I was born and raised in Thessaloniki. At the age of 18 I moved to Paris and studied at L.I.S.A.A College of Applied Arts in Paris a degree of Fashion Design as a Stylist-Modelist."

"Mentoring with leading Parisian and Athenian craftsmen I decided to pursue my aspiration of being able to express my own creativity and sense of styling through my work. Currently, I run my own brand of handcrafted leather women accessories, specializing in clutch and bags."

The concept of the collection
"Afaia Autumn Winter 2012-13 Collection is crossing the boundaries of time, bridging with her line of products the past and the present what tradition is and how it can be projected on the contemporary world of fashion with no boundaries in terms of creativity and materials. It is inspired by the Minoan goddess Afaia and is reminder of the Greek culture and how it keeps on shaping the art of style. In times where references are of great importance, her traditional woven prints from the island of Crete are combined with warm and refined leathers in a bursting of geometrical infusion, exploring the interaction of multicolor patterns on strict and minimal architectural dimensions."

How long have you had a fashion collection?
"My first personal collection dates back to 2010 when I started my brand and Afaia Autumn Winter 2012-13 is my 6th collection."

Is it a collection that has already been produced? Is it sold? In which stores?
"The Afaia Autumn Winter 2012-13 Collection is already produced its available on the brand's boutiques in Athens and Crete. Also available on Boticca and have been sold to Fab.com, Elle's Spain Stop&Walk and RAD France."

In which stores would you like to see your collection?
"The stores that I would like to see my collection is Colette, 10 Corso Como, and of course Late Night Chameleon Café."

 What is your experience in the world of fashion?
"I have worked as stylist for eight years for major fashion magazines, like Marie Claire and another 3-years as designer on my brand."

What do you expect from being published on Vogue.it?
"To expose my work out side Greece and reach a more international audience."

What are your future projects?
"Explore fashion with no boundaries in terms of creativity and materials and expand my range of products into men accessories."

Good stories
"My best story is what we managed with my brand, i.e. being able to be creative under extremely difficult conditions in Greece."


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