Monday, June 18, 2012


Name and name of the brand Marco Giugliano, Nicolo' Bologna -
brand: marcobologna.

Hometown and current city Marco, Campobasso - Nicolo', Milano - Current city Milano

 Define fashion
"Culture, emotion, passion."

What is Who is on Next? for you?
"The bigger step of our career, a big window, a great chance."

 Describe Rome in three words
"Fascinating, rich, magic."

Career highlight
"The day we decided to work on our own line; the day we saw our fist necklace on Vogue Italia; the day we found a producer; the day we met Anna Wintour and Franca Sozzani; the day we started to sell our items to shops we admire.

" Never with/never without
"Never without: large bag, sketchbook, sunglasses, iphone, magazines, coffee, humility. Never with: arrogance.

A special thanks to...
"Our mums.

" Your greatest dream?
"To continue to work together in fashion by our own for long time."


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