Thursday, June 14, 2012

Making a Statement: Marta Frasi

Her atelier is on Via Vincenzo Foppa in Milan and it’s not a real shop in that to visit, you must make an appointment.

Marta Frasi is an eclectic brand with a clear vision- to use alternative and natural materials for dresses as well as objects but most importantly, for jewels. And her creativity appears more than in just the forms. She uses shells, agate, carnelian, jade and coral as well as elastic bindings, buttons and strings for her creations.

The stones and the "daily" elements look great in necklaces that become small collars or interwoven see-though items, floral garlands with an ikebana style, or large boules or coral alternated with ruffled fabric.

Her imagination for decoration brings back the purity of ethnic and primitive forms or is even a declaration of love for nature that is enhanced by jewels and should only be somewhat tamed. She has a creativity that embraces the entire production and it is revealed in her jewels which are inspired and decidedly fashionable.


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