Friday, June 15, 2012

Charline De Luca FW 2012/2013

One of the finalists of Who is on Next?

Name and name of the brand
Carlotta De Luca – brand – Charline de Luca.

Hometown and current city Rome.

Define your style in five words "Arichitectonic, pure, rigorous, balanced with a touch of femininity."

Define fashion "Fashion is artistic self expression; it is art it is style."

What is Who is on Next? for you?
"Who is on Next? is a great opportunity; to show my work, and for both a personal and professional growth."

Describe Rome in three words
"Fascinating, elegant, romantic."

Career highlight
"The day in which I decided that my future was is Fashion and not as an architect. For me everything started just one year ago and seeing my creations in important boutiques both in Italy and around the world is a great satisfaction. Participating as a finalist in Who is on Next? Is a dream come true."

Never with/never without
"Never with regrets / Never without dreams."

A special thanks to...
"Everyone who believed in me from the beginning."

Your biggest dream?
"To manage to persue my passion for all my life. And one day… to open my Charline de Luca boutique in New York."


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