Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Earth, water, sun and air- the elements reflected in designer Maria Cristina Cecchini’s jewels

Why Aliquid? Aliquid means “someone, something, a person or thing that exists but has not been precisely identified.”

That is how designer Maria Cristina explains the meaning of her jewelry line that is all handmade and crocheted.

Originally from the Le Marche region of Italy, she started her design career in fashion and ended with a long collaboration with Fabrizio del Carlo’s textile firm where she became fascinated with yarn. It is from this moment that her creative project began to take on life in Cagli, her hometown.

Fascinated with art, she created her first collection in 2007 and it has since been a constant flow of craftsmanship and design. She makes jewels that have been crocheted and paired with ceramic elements that have been hand molded and enameled with a raku technique.

Extravagant pairings create a unique result; elastic threads that create hoops or cords with stones that are have shapes and graining that are never the same as the next. Maria Cristina loves color and she uses it without hesitation- black, white, earth tones, fluorescent, and sunset-like tones. Each piece is numbered, and is the expression of a moment, a dream or a thought.

Her work is reflective. It is the result of her studies and knowledge and is made up of geometric and extremely versatile solutions. For example, a necklace that becomes a bracelet or a bracelet that becomes a ring. Each piece is done in an unexpected way and can be redefined.

Aliquid’s jewels reflect the character of the designer. She is intense and instinctive in her art. And her jewelry is a conscious expression of a new way of creating fashionable bijoux.


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