Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beth Ditto Makeup for MAC

Beth Ditto has chosen Berlin. The enchanting American singer, the voice of "The Gossip" and plus size icon, decided on the German capitol as the place to celebrate the launch of her collaboration with MAC Cosmetics. With 400 guests and a radiant Beth Ditto, dressed as always in a super-colored outfit, the opening happened at MADE, a multi-purpose art center on the 7th floor in an office building of Alexanderplatz, thus signalling the launch of products authored by the singer to be sold throughout MAC stores accross the world as well as in the online shop. Lipstick, mascara, pencils, bright-colored nail polishes (red, fuschia, electric blue, canary yellow). A collection half-way between a pop and punk aesthetic, always lively and extroverted, just like its testimonial who, just last tuesday, gave an extraordinary performance to an ecstatic crowd. Amongst the tracks performed on the MADE stage were some of her most recents works, from I Wrote the Book a Move in the Right Direction to a special re-interpretation of Vogue by Madonna. Ditto, who recently announced her June 2013 marriage to her Hawaiian partner Kristen Ogata, is the perfect testimonial for this brand new and long-awaited line. Ironic and sure of herself, she knows how to be daring with makeup and colors. Just the other evening she showed off her bright red nails and lips, while her eyes were framed by an interplay of black and blue lines, tinted with a decisive cobalt blue eyeshadow. This new MAC line is made for having fun and experimenting with unique color combinations.


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