Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jewelry: The Naturals

Wood, ebony and horn suggest an eco-friendly trend.


Anthony Roussel

Anthony Roussel
Valentina Falchi

Ema Fernandes

Ema Fernandes

Monique Pean

Raffaella Mannelli
Tarina Tarantino

Ten Thousand Things

It’s not just gold that shimmers.

Jewels made with wood, ebony, horn and “green” materials are super contemporary and glamorous. Mark Fast’s bracelets for his Spring/Summer collection have an ethnic feel and are must-haves for the summer season.

It’s a priority to find “style” in all natural jewels that are eco-sustainable too.

 Many designers are using their great creativity to experiment with new forms. Two examples are Ema Fernandes and her bracelet made of bark and the famous Anthony Roussel, a real and true wood sculptor who creates rings that are considered works of art.

 Raffaella Manelli’s cross made from natural materials has, as always, a provocative design and is rivaled only by Tarina Tarantino who mixes wood with precious stones.

 Monique Pean, established eco-friendly designer is inspired by indigenous cultures and is showing a bracelet with an Indian totem pole flavor.

 In order not to leave out Italian design, Amlè’s artisanal creations are the looks for summer with ever changing shapes; horn earrings and necklaces and in ebony for an eco-chic touch.


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