Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sparkling Galuchat

Minute soft grains to the touch characterise the galuchat, the precious shark's skin or race used in fashion for ultra luxury details or unique bathing suit like the one worrn by Naomi Campbell for Versace. The material takes its name from Claude Galuchat, the French artisan that lived in the 18th century and was the first, in the West, to use it on objects de vertu, jewel cases and powder boxes.

But this particular skin is in fact a very old tradition in the East, slipping into the samurai's katane and the sword's hilt. Today the coloured galuchat migrates onto fashion orientated jewels and blends with precious stones to create an exclusive mix.

Artisanship and fashionable colours bring out the trendy side of the cuff, necklaces and rings with soft nuances such as the water green and the cipria or strong like the carmine red or the klein blue.

Small coral roses decorate Mirari's bracelet while blossoming pearls with gold leaves transform Erik Schaix's bangle. Fabio Salini puts stars in white diamonds, black diamonds and colored stones at the center of his bracelets. De Grisogono, which has always loved galuchat, livens it up with a diamond dolphin and Hausmann & Co. offers up earrings with stones in contrasting colors. Unusual and showy, jewels dressed in galuchat parade like new, flashy icon.


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