Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Extravagancy

A style that crosses genres and uses jewels to add a feminine touch to an androgynous look. Photos by Pierpaolo Ferrari.

A group of women meet in an old palazzo. They are fascinated by how theatrical the place is and by the damask wallpaper that imbues everything with green and blue. Their lives and backgrounds couldn’t be more different but what they do have in common is a kind of vagabond style that jumps among genres, trends and traditions.

An anti-nostalgic group of references that goes from the formal to punk, from the futurism of Courrèges to the glam rock of Mark Bolan. It’s a new extravagant aesthetic that crosses eras and styles with jewelry taking on a specific role, making a minimalist men’s suit feel Deco or a classic optical print feel slightly aristocratic.

The femininity of an androgynous look and the resoluteness of a femme fatale come together for one aesthetic that goes beyond genres. From long sautoirs to oversized brooches to complicated watches to pavé pendants all the way to multiple rings worn in sequence. The strong symbolism of the skull breaks up the gracious balance of colored stones.

Ironically, it’s the precious touch that brings it all together, from couture to sportswear, from the street style of lace-up shoes with platform heels to the vagabond mix of a vest worn over a hoodie. The creative result is in line with the trend of dressing as if in costume, and it takes us to where we can express our own – perhaps changing and multi-faceted – personalities.


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