Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Jewel Tale

Alessandro Dari's inner research is translated into unique and magical creations, which can also be found in Tuscan museums.

"The imbalance in my inner world needs to take on matter in order to find balance in my life. In this world, all spiritual things have their own life and you will experience them in the joy of the matter, an unknown matter that will bring you closer to divinity". So says Alessandro Dari, jewelry designer and musician, he’s also a modern alchemist and – in his words – a mystic deep down in his soul.

His atelier is in Florence in a historic 15th-century palazzo that hosts more than 500 jewels with collection names like Esoteric, Magic, Fairytale, Time, Music, Castle and Churches. Every one of his new creations comes about as an internal intuition that never abandons the artist. Everything in his workshop, which is a sort of permanent museum, is transformed into something magical thanks to Alessandro Dari’s creativity and inventiveness. Display cases are constantly full of new creations, especially his sculptural jewels. Some of his works can be found at the Museo degli Argenti in palazzo Pitti and at the Cathedral in Fiesole. He was at one time a teacher of goldsmithing at the University of Florence and since this past autumn, he now offers courses in his workshop. He’s a true master artisan according to Renaissance tradition and his creations are stories that come from inside of him.

His latest necklace made up of a chain with a turreted castle pendent is a commemorative jewel to mark the 500 years since the birth of Giorgio Vasari. The piece is also an homage to his mother who recently passed away. There’s also the depiction of a symbolic embryo of life. Another new piece is the Nato dal mare breastplate in palladium-covered silver, diamonds and rhodolite, which is also dedicated to his mother. He began the piece five years ago and only recently finished it. The ring in a glass bell is exceptional. This structure, which is almost two meters high has 30,000 volts running through it. The jewel is placed back inside be recharged with energy after being worn.


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