Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"What a Great Little Book!"

I was browsing through T.J. Maxx yesterday and happened upon their display of journals and books. This book caught my eye, but I dismissed it due to the fact that is said "Teen Vogue." I walked away, but was compelled to go back and thumb through the pages, and I'm so glad that I did....this book is a treasure trove of valuable information! Interviews with designers such as Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, Marc Jacobs, Patrick Robinson, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler and Thakoon, just to name a few.
It also includes an interview with one of the industry's most sought after make-up artists, Pat McGrath. Since I'm a jewelry designer, I was so excited to see that the book includes as interview with Justin Giunta.....he's been such a source of inspiration! I had read little snippets here and there about how he got his start, but now I know a lot more. The book also showcases stylists and photographers and what "tools of the trade" that they use for their jobs. I'm really interested in photography in particular. I haven't gotten that far in the book, but look forward to reading about the types of cameras that the professionals use and their techniques.
The entire book is done in color with various pictures from Teen Vogue used as illustrations. If that's not enough, the inside back, lists fashion schools, a glossary of fashion related terms as well as terms specific to magazine creation. There's also an area for notes. On top of all that, you receive a free one-year subscription to Teen Vogue, which I love, because I usually buy the March and September issues.....I like to know what's going on in all sectors of the industry.
I paid $5.99 for it, but it's still being sold on Amazon and Barnes and Noble's websites for more. And to think, I almost didn't buy it.....that's the best $5.99 that I've ever spent! Lastly, it fits perfectly in my bag.

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