Monday, July 5, 2010

My Latest Purchases

You know I'm all about mixing the "high" and the "low" when it comes to fashion. That said....I ordered the two items featured, from Forever 21 this morning. I ventured into the store this past Friday and saw those jeweled sandals (they look even better up close....the jewels are similar to those that you see on a more expensive shoe)on display. Of course, all of the larger sizes were gone, which I made sure was true, by searching every nook and cranny of the store and checking all of the mannequins. In need of another cross body bag, I wanted something a little different than those that I'm seeing in the stores. After ordering the sandals, it came to mind that I had run across this gorgeous studded bag in Forever 21 about four or five months ago. I was really impressed, as again, it looks even better close up. I was reminded of how it looks and feels just like the softest, "worn" leather. Actually, I could care less about the material, its the studs and detail that I love! Why I didn't buy when I first saw it I don't know, but it's on it's way now!

I also spotted these two lovelies as I made my way through the store, and plan to add them to my collection as well....aren't they fabulous! Such detail!

While I was out and about, I decided to pop into Wet Seal and check out a ring that I saw online. When I found it, I had to have it! The picture below doesn't do it's so sparkly! I've worn it each day since Friday and have received so many compliments on it....even from men....not bad for $8!

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