Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Fresh Take on Denim

I received my copy of Bazaar this afternoon, and as I was browsing through, I ran across this pair of Tory Burch jeans. I had to look at them for a bit to "grasp the concept," but decided that I really like them. I'm embracing the whole "paint spattered" thing, as some items lend themselves to a variety of styling options. While they look good with the boots and top worn here, I think that I would venture in a different direction and add something similiar to the clog bootie featured below, for day and the lugged sole bootie for a fun night out.....a frilly top would also be a nice touch. I also think that they would work well with a great pair of flats and a fierce leather jacket. $225 is a small price to pay for something that lends itself to so many possibilities!

Both are Tory Burch

(Jeans:; shoes:

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