Monday, July 26, 2010

"Breathtaking Jewels"

While all are beautiful,I'm totally blown away by Vera Wang's stunning jeweled creations....the mix of stones in the first two pieces is classic! I'm also lovin the pearl and chain combo...I would wear it with everything from jeans to my "best dress." I can't think of any look that wouldn't be made a little more fabulous with the addition of this "threesome." I'm going to print off this page and put it on my bulletin board for inspiration and general viewing!

Vera Wang

Vera Wang

Vera Wang & Oscar de la Renta

Vera Wang (more fabulousness!)

Oscar de la Renta and Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent (from here up



Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta

Juicy Couture (so cute and "vintagey")

Kate Spade

Jose & Maria Barrera

Juicy Couture

Janis by Janis Savitt

Jose & Maria Barrera (from here up:

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  1. absolutely GORGEOUS!!if i can get my hands on them *or better yet, create something as good!* thanks so much for the inspirational pictures :)