Monday, July 12, 2010

Limited-Unlimited: Italian Couture

Silvio Betterelli

Sergio Zambon

Sara Lanzi

Sabrina Masenza


No 21


Marco de Vincenzo

Gabriele Colangelo

Diego Dolcini
Carta e Costura

Aquilano Rimondi

An elegant entwining of art and fashion, with contemporary works and couture creations of many famous names of the "new" Italian fashion system. On the background, one of the coolest places in Rome today: the Pelanda of the Macro Future, former slaughterhouse and now the artistic soul of Testaccio district, at the heart of the city. The week dedicated to Roman fashion opened with a dive in the contemporary luxury theme, made of research and ability. And new ideas, led by new fashion names Made in Italy. The exhibition "Limited.Unlimited", curated by Susanna Cucco, runs through clothes and accessories created by such Italian designers as Albino, Aquilano+Rimondi, Silvio Betterelli, Carta e Costura, Gabriele Colangelo, Leitmotiv, Marco De Vincenzo, Sara Lanzi, Diego Dolcini, Sabina Masenza, Maurizio Pecoraro, Segio Zambon, Rodolfo Paglialunga for Vionnet.

The common thread of these creative expressions, all very different but all high-levelled, are the works of the artist Maurizio Anzeri who creates, inspired by ancient portraits and embroidery, a progressive crossing between contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship.

Creation after creation, every designer has his own "corner" within Pelanda spaces, a center of cultural production inaugurated in February - the added value of Italian fashion strongly emerges. And it happens in the details: the folds fixed by hand on the back of
the white double poplin skirt of N°21 with crystal embroidery and metal hand-wrought wires on a rabbit coat, very light, designed by Gabriele Colangelo. And of course the clutch bag with micro patchwork by Sabina Masenza and the duchesse laser-cut petals applied by Rodolfo Paglialunga on the powder colour chiffon dress.


What stunning pieces....that extra detail and "structure" is beyond compare! This is a place where one could wildly run through, saying "I'll take that, and that, oh and those too....better yet, wrap them all up!"

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