Friday, July 16, 2010

"High Drama"

If the truth be known, accessories are actually my first love. I usually buy those things first and then build my wardrobe around them. When shopping, those items are usually strategically placed or displayed in such a way to catch the eye, which is great, as you don't have to sift through several items to find that fabulous statement piece. The problem is, I tend to find TOO many things at once....oh well, what's a girl to do! Featured are some of the latest and greatest for the upcoming season.

Christian Louboutin

Alexandre Birman
Miu Miu




Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin (from here up:

Pierre Hardy

Giuseppe Zanotti

Givenchy (This is my absolute's dripping with chains!)

Christian Louboutin

Fannie Schiavoni (from here up:

Lanvin (from here up:

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  1. When its a time to prepare for an outing its really a headache to decide on what dress has to be selected, what accessories and which sandal or shoes will suit the dress and occasion.So it indirectly becomes a drama itself.

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